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From Oil and Gas to Green Hydrogen
A Deep-Dive Into My Sustainable Energy Transition Journey

In the midst of global discourse on climate change and the need for sustainable development, my career has mirrored these important global shifts. Moving from traditional oil and gas to fully embracing green hydrogen and sustainability, my journey has been a testament to my commitment towards a more sustainable future.


Early Career in the Energy Sector


My initiation into the energy sector started with ETAP, where I served as Manager of the Geophysics Department. This role set the stage for a succession of positions, from Exploitation Director at CARTHAGO Oil Company to Consultant roles at GLENCORE and PETROFAC, eventually culminating in my role as CEO of TETHYS Petroleum Consulting S.A from 2003 to 2023. Each role enriched my understanding of the energy industry and its complex operations.


Growing Awareness and The Turning Point


As I moved through these different roles, I began to gain a clearer understanding of the realities associated with fossil fuels around 2006. The environmental costs, their significant contribution to global warming, and their finite nature were in stark contrast to the emerging green energy revolution offering innovative, sustainable solutions.


By 2017, the increasing awareness and global shifts towards sustainability prompted me to reevaluate my career path. Green hydrogen appeared as an area of immense potential, not just as an alternative energy source but also as a catalyst for green job creation, economic diversification, and environmental preservation. A complete shift from my established career in oil and gas to green hydrogen became inevitable.

wind power in the middle of the sea

Venturing into the World of Green Hydrogen


In 2019, my transition into the green hydrogen sector came to fruition. Leveraging my vast experience, I became a sought-after speaker at global platforms like the World Bank green hydrogen sessions/spring meetings and the Global Initiative for Governance & Sustainability. These opportunities to educate others about the potentials of green hydrogen reinforced my belief in its pivotal role in our fight against climate change.


I am now the chairman of H2ghub, an NGO focused on promoting green hydrogen and fostering strong collaborations between the public and private sectors. In addition, I offer consultation services to governments and companies on green hydrogen implementation.


Recognizing the rising demand for skilled professionals in the green hydrogen industry, I've been working with universities and governments to develop educational programs in this area. Our mission is to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills, promoting job reconversion and meeting the industry's needs.


Driving Green Hydrogen Forward: A Solution for Today and Tomorrow


Green hydrogen stands as a formidable tool in our fight against climate change. It offers a clean, renewable energy source free of CO2 emissions. Beyond reducing our carbon footprint, it presents a compelling solution for energy storage, transportation, and many other sectors.


Accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy requires favorable policies that encourage investments in green hydrogen. By incentivizing innovation and green energy production, we can expedite this crucial shift. Creating a conducive environment for green hydrogen can instigate a ripple effect – boosting job creation, fostering economic growth, and ultimately paving the path for a sustainable future.


My transition from oil and gas to green hydrogen is an embodiment of my belief in sustainable development. It illustrates that our industries and economies can learn, evolve, and adapt to new realities. The necessity for green hydrogen and other sustainable energy sources is immediate and clear. Our actions today will determine the world we will inhabit tomorrow.

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