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About Imed Derouiche

Imed Derouiche is a distinguished energy expert, consultant, and professor specializing in renewable energy and green hydrogen.

His extensive experience covers petroleum engineering, geophysics, and carbon economy, bolstered by a rich educational background, including a Master's degree in Geophysics and specialized certificates in Renewable Energy Management and Green Hydrogen Projects.

Imed has held prominent academic roles across renowned institutions such as ENIT, ENIS, OGIM, the University of Kingston, and Melbourne University.

His industrial career spans leadership positions in PETROFAC, GLENCORE, TETHYS Petroleum Consulting S.A., and H2G Green Hydrogen.

He's a speaker at prestigious events and has led significant seismic explorations and evaluations of oil fields globally. Besides, Imed has been a Board Member and Vice President at several energy companies and is an active member of professional associations like the SEG and AAPG.

Imed's language proficiency includes English, French, Italian, Arabic, and Japanese, reflecting his broad international collaborations. His work encapsulates a unique blend of academia, consulting, and industry leadership roles in the energy sector, significantly contributing to renewable energy and green hydrogen initiatives.

imed derouiche energy expert



Green hydrogen: an untapped investment opportunity


101 Avenue La Liberté, Tunis Belvédère El Menzah 1022 Tunis

+216 21 360 958

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